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September - 2013 - issue > 10 Most Promising Software Testing Companies

Coverity: Offering Unparalleled Solutions

SI Team
Wednesday, August 28, 2013
SI Team
One of the major challenges associated with software testing today is that traditional reactive and manual approaches to testing have not kept up with the explosive growth of software development. There are more than 60 million lines of new code written by professional developers daily, to keep pace with today’s business demands. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the annual cost due to poor software quality is $60 billion per year in the U.S. alone, and 80 percent of software development budgets are dedicated to fixing software defects found late in the cycle.

Coverity, a development testing company, offers solutions for companies that need to protect their brands and bottom lines from software failures. They have more than 1,100 customers which use Coverity solutions to automatically test source code for software defects that could lead to product crashes, unexpected behavior, security breaches, or catastrophic failures. Coverity is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in several other parts of the world, and has approximately 300 employees worldwide.

There has been rapid adoption of the Coverity Development Testing Platform in a wide range of industries including Financial Services, ISVs, Retail and Embedded markets, such as Telecom, Medical Devices, Gaming, Hardware, Aerospace and Defense, Networking, Retail and Business Automation, and Mobile.

The company has created static analysis innovations that have revolutionized the way software is tested by providing customers with the deepest code intelligence and the most accurate code analysis. The company provides the exact path to the defect and specific guidance on how to quickly fix the defect in the context of the developer’s code. Further, its security technology includes a patent-pending remediation engine to take the guesswork out of fixing security issues. Coverity’s platform is designed to meet the needs of the world’s largest enterprise organizations and has been proven to scale to more than 100 million lines of code with analysis that runs in minutes to hours vs. days to weeks. In other words, the analysis fits into the developer’s daily workflow or the nightly build. It also provide developers with an unprecedented means to focus their automated testing efforts so teams can enable their developers to efficiently test as they code.

“We plan to continue to help the world’s largest enterprise organizations to create better software by addressing code quality and security at the source,” says Rajeev Mathur, Country Head, CoverityIndia. The company plans to continue its focus on offering the most accurate analysis and expanding its set of code analysis algorithms. They are also keen to continue to help customers improve the efficiency of their automated testing efforts and expand the analysis to provide deep coverage of key programming languages.
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