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Vaibhav Tewari
Chief Marketing Officer-Microland
Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Vaibhav Tewari
Microland, headquartered in Bangalore, is an IT infrastructure services provider, offering services across Infrastructure Management, Infrastructure Modernization, End User Services, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Collaboration and Mobility.

Technology has been fast transforming every single function in an organization, while most of the obvious ones related to infrastructure and employees get talked about a lot; Marketing function too has been getting fully transformed with the usage of technology. Customer connect has never been so easy and so real-time in the past. The importance of being connected and having the right content created and delivered has been growing by leaps and bounds.

With the mix of social media and digital marketing coming into play, completely untapped and high potential channels of communication have opened up as well. While the importance of this has been chronicled well in the B2C context, B2B marketers too are in an enviable position now to leverage good content across the channels. In this new connected world, content has become the most potent tool to reach out to your customers from the B2B perspective.

Thought leadership and knowledge are very strong differentiators in B2B context and propagating this positioning through the right channels is equally important. While most of the leading companies in any space may have similar value propositions and presentations, well-constructed content to augment a company's position as an expert has its weight worth in gold. In today's time of information overload and seemingly similarity of messaging, it is important to showcase a company's knowledge and expertise and create the right differentiators with the target audience. Some ways in which content can be leveraged well are as follows-

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