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Cloud and Big Data: Space to Chase

Amit Patni
Co-Founder & Chairman-Nirvana Venture Advisors
Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Amit Patni
Nirvana Venture Advisors is an early-stage venture capital fund anchored by the Patni family, the founders of Patni Computer Systems. The fund focuses on the internet, mobile and electronic payments space.

There is a common trend in India when it comes to funding for sectors such as e-Commerce. They receive quick and big cheques in the early stage of their journey but with unproven models the follow-on funding dries out. With consolidation having already started in this sector, it will be interesting to see how this sector pans out in the future. While e-Commerce enjoys the cream of the cake, there is a dearth of funding between seed funding and a series B transaction in other sectors. We at Nirvana Venture are trying to bridge this gap.

Market Bullish on Cloud & Big Data

Cloud and Big Data are areas to watch out where startups can innovate and create immensely successful companies. Businesses as well as individuals have realized the power of data like never before. It is imperative for businesses to leverage the huge amount of data being created to be more connected to their customers and to build better products. Hence the role of big data/analytics has been significantly increasing. This has transformed it into an interesting space for the investors to chase.

Apart from Big Data, the other sector seeing tremendous growth is cloud technologies that are making enterprise software available to SMBs at affordable price points and reducing technology capital expenditure investments of corporates. With the help of technologies such as cloud, Indian product companies can now chase global markets without mush effort in the distribution costs. Creating cloud based solutions and catering to the global markets is a growing trend among companies of various verticals.
While emphasis on technological need changes every moment, it is imperative for entrepreneurs who are chasing success to remain committed to the business and the ideas that they are working on. The entrepreneurial journey to build a successful start up is filled with several ups and downs over the years. At the end of the day, if one can ignore the noise and remain committed to what you aspire to achieve, you will definitely achieve success. With the huge fortune of advice an entrepreneur receives, it is important for him to listen to the constructive feedback but avoid unnecessary noise made by detractors and cynics.

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