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Catallysts Constellations: The Connoisseur in Value Acceleration

Anamika Sahu
Monday, July 28, 2014
Anamika Sahu
With the recent advancements in global events of the business world, it is crystal clear that 'Industry's Best Practices' are no more an option; it is 'Next Practices'. While the nature of risks to which companies are exposed and its severity are increasing tremendously, risk management needs to go further to support business growth, beyond serving as protection from negative occurrences. Whilst most risk consulting firms just provide the Best Practices and leave the clients in the hands of destiny, Ahmedabad based Catallysts Constellations handholds its clients and leads toward Next Practices.

In this dynamic business environment, the people and their abilities to address current challenges and opportunities should be future-ready and Catallysts is a pioneer in making one future-ready. The company is not just another analytics or market research firm, but a new age management advisory organization that focuses on end-to-end spectrum of management consulting co-creating Next Practices and its implementation using the Catallysts Cube model. Each service provided by the company stands ahead of the realm, may it be in the field of management consulting & advisory, management clinics, executive education & coaching, focused management research, interaction platforms or strategic tools & solutions.

"We have started seeing the evolution in this understanding right from de-risking operational efficiency to areas more tactical and strategic in nature, be it in the areas of employee engagement, relationship alignment with partners and value accrual of customers," says Prof. Rajanish Dass, President, Catallysts. As a value accelerator, the two-year old Catallysts is dedicated to the cause of the overall growth of its clients across verticals. Its proprietary analytical diagnostic tools not just diagnose various problem areas but also successfully predict and identify areas of risk that decision makers should be aware of and ways to do necessary risk mitigation in areas of operational, tactical and strategic business areas.

The company believes in a scientific approach to problem solving. Its deep expertise in intelligent reporting and predictive analytics across a large spectrum of structured and unstructured data is used as a core to its advisory services leading to deep insights about the root causes of current problems and help understand future changes. Global customers approach Catallysts for solving business problems, typically strategic in nature akin to ranging from organizational restructuring to relationship alignment between organizations, finding alignment of a particular function with the overall strategy of the firm to ensure the realized strategy is achieved faster. "We are helping a large BPO firm in an accelerated growth path which means that we are taking an ambidextrous approach for this firm and helping them create a value constellation through right partnerships, recalibrating internal and external human and non-human elements and ensuring success," adds Prof. Rajanish.

Today, the company aims to focus on the core thought partnering with its clients for their sustainable and substantial success. The company has a unique IP on non?English Analytics and mining which includes Arabic, South Asian Languages and double?byte Asian languages. Spread across the globe, the company has engagement centers in APAC including Australia, US, Europe, Middle East and Africa along with local presence in several countries. Catallysts has defined its canvas as serving clients in the agile and developing markets of Asia and looks forward to evolve into a more value adding reliable partner for doing business and achieving success.

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