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Career Choice: Think Prudently for a Valuable Gain

Syed Rufaid
Assistant Editor-siliconindia
Thursday, January 22, 2015
Syed Rufaid
While the learning possibilities are growing side by side with the exploration of new market avenues for businesses, today students have a wide array of options to choose for higher education in India and abroad. Some students set their goals at a very early age. However, the majority are still oblivious about the career path ahead for them. One among the several reasons for this is lack of proper guidance. One can choose a career oriented course or an academic course, provided good marks scored in class XII. Very often students do not know what career they want to take up and hence end up in traveling through a wrong path for the whole life. They have to be careful to decide which career option he/she wants to choose- Engineering, Medical science, Management, Arts or any new courses, according to their area of interest not the one, which is followed by the mass.

Do the Research

There can be intense competition for the most popular courses as the availability of jobs related to these courses could be plenty and lucrative. Hence, it is more difficult to get seat in to competitive courses, which are in high demand. Seeking out to the people who had done the course previously or to the unbiased advisers in the university careers service is important before making final decision. It is also very important for a student to do ample research about the course, which includes the course outline, subjects, types of learning, assignments, examination tasks involved and so on. They can extract information from the internet or other available sources to see the demand from companies for the course. This will enable them to form an estimate of what lies ahead in the course he/she is interested in and job market for the particular course. The students should go through the prospects of the course and the need of companies to make sure that the course content and the pedagogy meet the requirements of the industry. However, some courses are too hard to get in to or too hard to succeed in completing. Experienced career advisers says that it is always good find a similar backup course, which can make them job ready if he/she is not confident of accepted in their first preferred course.

Now the students are facing a problem of plenty as new courses are launching every academic year. For older generations, the availability of a better education was a problem. Still the same problem exists. The only difference is, years ago it was scarcity, now it is abundance. While the curriculum, job profile and placements remains the key factors to look at before choosing a field to study, it is also important to realize the abilities and passion before taking such big decisions. Think more than twice before coming out from the comfort zone. Because, it is a hot seat and the time spent here will not comeback.

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