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Best University of Central India: Jagran Lakecity University

SI Team
Thursday, January 22, 2015
SI Team
It is necessary for many academic disciplines to make students aware of issues associated with professional practice. This may occur through the discussion of possible or fictional scenarios, or through reflection on actual experience, gained through work placements, voluntary work and internships. Hence, practice based education has been the most successful form of teaching and it has taken the education and business world by storm. Established in the year 2013, Jagran Lakecity University (JLU) is a practice-based university from Bhopal, which is looking to make an impact in the Indian education sector with its innovative curriculum. "Our syllabus is designed through a perfect blend of inputs from renowned academicians and industry leaders who are a part of the academic advisory board. The courses on offer through various schools embody the university's longstanding commitment to leadership and innovation in higher education. The commitment to excellence in teaching and learning is well balanced in our university," says Dr C.A Gurudath, Director - School of law, JLU.

Being a practice-based institute, the university offers courses through an altered design of their curriculum. Today, JLU is a university that hosts industry experts as a part of their institute's academic board and delivers internationally competitive programs that are mixed with highly experienced faculty members to give students the global exposure. The university prepares students to create their own intellectual space, while their academic growth is being fostered by the university. Pushing students to work across subjects to break down traditional barriers, the university follows the Global Teaching Methodology (GTM). This method grade students more accurately following their academic and practical credits. It also encourages collaborative group work skills to ensure its method of teaching is innovation and effective. This global method of teaching also focuses on the reflection and knowledge acquisition aspect of the university.

Providing Industry Environment inside the Campus

To give the students a complete exposure of the industry, the university has started Industry Mentoring Program. Here, students benefit from the expertise of industry heads and they continually monitor individual student growth. This program also allows students to implement their ideas outside the campus from the things they learn inside the class. The Industry Mentoring program blended with practice-based teaching allows students to follow and evaluate their subjects on a wider platform and they get to analyze and keep an eye out on their own performances. Through these unique programs, the university prepares students to face challenges on their own with practice based solutions. Personality Development and Career Enhancement Programs are also a part of the curriculum at JLU. It sketches a unique career progression path for its students. "We give students a taste of what their future career would be like by adding industry practices to their syllabus. This practice enables students to become more competitive. We focus on teaching and learning through practice to prepare market ready candidates," says Dr. Gurudath.

Hosting Industry Mentoring Programs inside the campus, the university brings the industry work environment to its students. This gesture is to offer students myriad opportunities to get involved and explore their interests beyond the confines of the classroom. The University focuses on providing its student with the best learning materials and facilities. Also vibrant on Campus Student Life, JLU Bhopal boasts a Hi-Tech Campus with World Class Facilities. Learning resources and social facilities are filled to give students a good learning experience.

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