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Ajay Prabhu: An Entrepreneur with Wisdom

Anamika Sahu
Monday, July 28, 2014
Anamika Sahu
This is the story of a 38-year old man who won the Rajiv Gandhi Sharomani Award for his outstanding contribution and achievement in Cloud Consulting industry within two years of setting up his company KVP Business Solutions. He has other sides to him as well. He thoroughly enjoys dressing up his 5-year old daughter and 9-year old son for school, feeding them and polishing their shoes, gets to the gym and frequently cycles to office. This is the story of Ajay Prabhu, Founder & CEO, KVP, who believes in 'Be Humble & Be Foolish' to achieve the dual purposes of serving and learning, all while running a profitable business.

Today, Ajay is a well-known thought leader within the industry, but as a kid, he was quite an introvert. "As a kid, I never had the guts to question anybody as I come from a very small town Karkala near Mangalore whose diameter is just around 3 kilometers and like many small towns in India, there was not too much choice when I was growing up," Ajay says.

The journey to being an entrepreneur was quite unexpected for Ajay. When he came to do his MBA, he had to overcome several short comings. He hardly knew English, all languages except his native Konkani seemed alien to him. He shied away from conversations with the fairer sex and was always around his small group of friends. "I never knew what destiny planned for me but with whatever limited options I had, I always jumped into the situation and took charge of it which encouraged me to be an entrepreneur," reminisces Ajay.

He did the rounds of a few leading MNCs and worked with them honing his skills in Marketing and Sales. Watching them from up close, he gained the confidence to try the unexplored areas. Like his great grandfather, K. Venkatesh Prabhu was a staunch Gandhian, the founder of K.V. Prabhu Oil Mills and a successful businessman in Karkala town, he always wanted to set up a company that was high on ethics and did not see profit as divorced from ethics. The initials KVP are a tribute to his great grandfather. Like his great grandfather, Ajay too is blessed with the acumen to see opportunities and take the less trodden path. In 6 years, KVP has scaled enviable heights and is going strong.

Surviving the Competition

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Reader's comments(1)
1:Very inspiring journey !
Posted by: Sandip Ransing - 04th Aug 2014
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