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Achieving Active Archive Ambition

Floyd Christofferson
Director of Storage Product Marketing-SGI
Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Floyd Christofferson
SGI (Nasdaq:SGI) develops, markets and sells a broad line of mid-range and high-end scale-out and scale-up servers plus data storage solutions and differentiating software. With a Market Cap of $ 246.32 Million they approximately employ over 1,500 employees ending March 31st, 2012.

The mainstream adoption of HD, 3D, mobile and streaming services presents an archiving challenge for the digital media industry, in scaling storage and support systems cost effectively, and therefore providing sufficient capacity and speed of information retrieval required.

Even though more and more digital media files are filling up ever-larger disk silos, propelled by the proliferation of mediums, the amount of data is growing quicker than the need to access it. For the digital media sector, specific files are rarely accessed, but the key is for that access to be immediate and fast; business users and consumers want them available at all times.

For some businesses, this challenge would be addressed through better data management, but translated to the digital media and production sector the challenge becomes astounding. The problem is more critical than the realm of personal preference where online media is accessible instantly, such as services like BBC iPlayer or Spotify, instead the issue is a business necessity. The business needs to have access to the full range of data at all times.

Always-on and accessible

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