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A Visionary in Unlocking the Internet Language Barrier

Sagaya Christuraj
Friday, February 1, 2013
Sagaya Christuraj
A major chunk of the Internet content that the Indian user views, is in English. India has 22 official languages and it creates a new level of complexity in which one is not at the liberty of taking the same approach as would have been the case if there existed one predominant language and applied it 22 times. The conviction to cater to this complication facing the Indian Internet user resulted in Ram Prakash, CEO, Tachyon Technologies, a products company focusing on designing and building machine learning solutions to enrich human machine interactions, being listed in the prestigious MIT TR35 top 20 Innovators in India.

From humble beginnings

Coming from Shimoga, an innocent city in the central part of Karnataka, Ram Prakash, mostly interacted in his native language and learnt English only as a teenager. He went on to complete his bachelor degree at IIT, Chennai.

In a country like India where 30 languages are articulated by more than a million native speakers, 122 by more than 10,000, Ram Prakash considers that language would be the key in taking the best of Internet to the masses. Fresh outof college his only intention was to initiate a company in the technology space.

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