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A Step towards Eliminating BRAIN DRAIN

Anamika Sahu
Monday, July 28, 2014
Anamika Sahu
Though the Monsoon has not showered the rain yet, the recent Budget that tabled in July did shower Rs.10,000 crore fund for Startups for the first time in the history of free India. This will surely give a push to the much awaited, better say halted, startup ecosystem in India.

We have been witnessing young brain drain since ages. Youths are settling in different countries to pursue their dreams of being an entrepreneur. Almost 40 percent of Silicon Valley startups are headed by Indians, which actually is an alarming sign for Indian startup ecosystem. We are losing the potential Googles, Yahoos!, Facebooks and the likes to foreign lands. I hope that the startup fund, though a miniature, will surely play a major role in infusing oxygen into the almost dead startup environment.

With further announcements of measures to encourage manufacturing of LCD/LED panels of TVs, we hope to see India transform from being a services provider country to a manufacturing base. On the other hand, for the first time, the Government established focus by setting up frameworks to resolve tax related issues for the software product industry as well. This will help generate more employment and entrepreneurial opportunities within India thus eliminating the much happening brain drain in the coming days and transform into world-class manufacturing center as well.

This issue, we bring to you the story of such a world-class data center startup that is a pioneer in providing Tier IV data center to clients globally - CtrlS. Under the esteemed leadership of Sridhar Reddy, CtrlS is creating a steer within the data center space and has developed one of the most secured places on the earth to store your data. The company not only secures data but also is barring the country from brain drain by providing world-class employment opportunity in the country.

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