July - 2013 - issue > 5 Most Promising Data Storage Companies

5 Most Promising Data Storage Companies

SI Team
Monday, July 1, 2013
SI Team
The big data will grow to $24 billion market by 2016 says the research firm IDC. Mobile and smartphones are among the highest contributor in creating such huge data. The tremendous growth in data generation globally creates a paramount need to store them in a safe and secure environment. This has created a huge opportunity for the storage industry, both for flash and cloud storage. Organizations and individuals are looking for the right storage service providers that can provide operations designed for scale with margin-optimizing efficiency requiring considerably more storage with considerably less complexity.

With such huge numbers playing on the ground, the prospect for the storage industry seems to be high and with constant innovation in technology they are adhering with the best solution to the biggest storage problem. This issue siliconindia has identified “5 Most Promising Data Storage Companies” that are playing on the nerves of data storage requirements with the cutting edge technology to provide the best suited solutions to each storage dilemma.

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