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SIBIA: Enabling Smarter Decisions with Smart Applications

Pankaj Kundwani
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
Traditionally, business analytics has been seen as the thinking hat of enterprises. There is a popular belief that analytics is not something that could be exploited by SMEs due to lack of data, funds and underlying infrastructure. Breaking this stereotype, Kolkata based SIBIA Analytics and Consulting Services came into existence to create a solution stack to power emerging businesses in an affordable and feasible way. The advent of technologies like cloud, open source computing, and others have made it easier for SMEs to make use of small scale analytics solution that would need least amount of capital expenditure.

Angshuman Bhattacharya, a veteran in business analytics, started SIBIA in 2013. Having a broad experience working with some of the top companies for over 12 years, he was well aware of the 'usability gap' in the market. Unlike other companies in this space, SIBIA is a product focused company implementing its solutions in client challenge areas. It liberates analytics from confinement and decodes the technical cube into a strategy enabling tool. "We are not just a consulting company, we make our solutions live. We embed our solutions on client's data and create web based cloud hosted tools that help them check the reality," says Angshu, Founder, SIBIA Analytics.

Serving clients like Timeforge, CertaPro Painters, major Indian FMCG and consumer products companies and more, SIBIA provides innovative and real time solutions to them. Its Marketing Investment Optimization solution helps marketers optimize their investments across all media channels and promotional activities. It provides Demand Forecasting solution that helps retailers and retail management companies most accurately predict demand for each of their products in each of their stores to enable them to procure the right quantity. The organization has also been putting great efforts building a solution stack for the e-Commerce business whereas the e-Commerce marketers would be able to optimize their marketing investments across mainstream and digital space. "Though we have overcome the technology, affordability and feasibility challenges through our solutions, making businesses aware of this presents a big challenge," adds Angshu.

Feeding great minds to offer great solutions and services, SIBIA is a team of 20 tech and stats wizards. The company offers them an open, non-hierarchical, fully accessible atmosphere where they have freedom to move around different projects based on their interests. Apart from consultants, the company nurtures developers, programmers, statistical modelers, business analysts and other experts from renowned IITs and IIMs. SIBIA has been immensely successful in attracting and retaining great talent which can be reasoned to its zero voluntary attrition since inception. With various levels and methods of off-the-job and on-the-job trainings, SIBIA encourages employees to always remain relevant to the changing business environments.

On a constant growth trajectory, SIBIA expects to meet a revenue target of Rs.3 crores in the current fiscal year. It also envisions becoming a $2 million company in the near future growing at a rate of 200 percent. Currently serving clients in India and U.S., SIBIA is in process of establishing an office in the U.S. It also plans to grab a good foothold in the Middle East market entering into enduring partnerships.
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