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Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology: Scripting the Success Beyond Academic Excellence

SI Edu Team
Monday, April 18, 2016
SI Edu Team
Ever increasing power tariffs and huge amount of electricity wastage might be the heights of paradox in a country like India where blackouts are more a norm than exception. Still, we always forget to turn off our fans and lights after use. What if switchboards at home are intelligent enough to understand our manner of using the electrical equipments and then automatically turn them off when we forget to do so? I -Socket, which has been developed by two students, Varghese Libin and Mebin Joseph, of Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology (RSET), Kochi, does that trick. The innovators claim that the device they developed works more like a switchboard, but comes with much advanced features and intelligence. Hence, I - Socket, which saves 20 per cent of electricity and proves effective in saving 30 per cent of the electricity bill, was presented with a cash award of Rs. 2 lakh in the Young Innovators Challenge Award 2015, instituted by 3M India in association with CII.

While, Libin and Mebin are working on converting their I -Socket into a successful market model, RSET has many more such innovations to project. A novel solar powered wheelchair for the disabled, Crack Detection in Pipelines, Safety Helmet named 'Vidyuth Mithra' for Line man, Technological assistance for emergency services on roads and the list of award winning research projects developed by students of RSET goes on. Known for such extraordinary innovations from students, the 2001 established RSET's emergence as premier technical education institution in Kerala was quick. Today, RSET attracts the cream of talented aspirants who write Kerala Engineering Examination, while many of the private technical institutions in the region struggle find adequate number students to fill their seats. "We get good quality students compared to other colleges in Kerala. Hence, we are able to implement cutting-edge research practices as well as latest industrial trends in our campus, which are resulting in developing a horde of students who are motivated and inspired to showcase their technical talents," claims Biju Paul, Placement Officer and Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Department, RSET.

RSET was accredited by NAAC in 2009 and also five of the departments are accredited by NBA for two years in 2014. The institution has the highest pass percentage amongst the engineering colleges under Mahatma Gandhi University with 58 ranks in ten years. RSET also occupies the second position amongst all the engineering colleges in the state as per the result analysis of the Directorate of Technical Education, Kerala State. However, the academic excellence alone cannot bring innovations to the campus. It needs, highly qualified faculty members who are equally supported by the college management to motivate students to work beyond the prescribed syllabus, especially in Indian higher education scenarios where state universities are reluctant to include latest knowledge in the curriculum as and when it is needed.

"If the state universities are stagnant, then the colleges have the liberty to provide add-on courses on latest industrial practices to make the students ready to work from the day one they join the organization. We conduct many such courses, which are designed by a combined effort of people from the industry and education," explains Biju Paul. At present, the institute hosts 152 faculty members where 25 percentage are PhD holders and 80 percentage of the remaining are pursuing PhD. However, at RSET, the job faculty members are not limited to teaching. Utilizing the knowledge that they gained from the academic research activities, the faculty members collaborate with the nearby industries and conduct consultancy projects. The frequent interaction of faculty members with the industries has helped the institute immensely to strengthen their relationship with industries and thus creating a favorable environment for students to work on the emerging market tools.

"Carrying out the latest Industrial practices in the campus has been one our major focus. Therefore, since the first batch of students who have graduated in the year 2005, we have been witnessing drastic improvements in the placements. In the current batch, despite having enough time to finish this academic year, we have only 12 more students to be placed," proudly says Biju Paul. With an average of more than 40 companies visiting the RSET campus every year, 98 percent of students find their dream companies and most of them carry more than one offer letter in hand before leaving the institution. Today, with best of the facilities, such as excellent infrastructure, state-of-the-art laboratories and incubation center in addition to well-qualified and highly dedicated faculty members who are active in research and consultancy projects, RSET scripts a different success story among the technical institutes in Kerala.

Dr. A. Unnikrishnan, Principal
Dr. A Unnikrishnan graduated from REC Calicut, completed his M.Tech from IIT, Kanpur in Electrical Engineering and PhD from IISc, Bangalore. He served as Associate Director, Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL), Kochi, which is a premiere Laboratory of Defense Research and Development Organization, before joining RSET. His field of interests includes Sonar Signal Processing, Image Processing and Soft Computing. He has authored about hundred National and International Journal and Conference Papers. He is a Fellow of IETE & IEI, India and Recognized thesis supervisor, Cochin University.

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