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About us
Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the electric bulb, when confronted about the thousand failures he encountered before developing the perfect electric bulb, replied curtly, "I now know of a thousand ways how not to make the bulb."

Here, at Roverside, we take inspiration from the father of electricity, bringing together a group of people who believe passion is everything and that success is the result of many failures. We guarantee that the journey to our destination is going to be filled with new and amazing experiences. Hop on aboard Roverside, and journey with us into the exciting world of learning and developing apps for the limitless mobile universe.
Program Details
  1. Introduction to Mac OS X, Architecture, daily use applications.
  2. Development tools (XCode, Interface Builder, Instruments)
  3. Introduction to Objective-C 2.0, Classes, Objects, and Methods
  4. Data Types, Expressions, Iterative(looping), accessor methods.
  5. Inheritance, Encapsulation
  6. Polymorphism, Dynamic Typing and Dynamic binding
  7. Introduction to COCOA touch Framework and Foundation.
  8. Numbers, Strings
  9. Collections
  10. Working with files.
  11. Memory Management in Objective-C.
  12. UIKit framework
  13. Design Patterns in Objective-C
  14. Introduction to iPhone application development, and types of applications.
  15. TableView Datasources
  16. Delegates
  17. Protocols
  18. Categories
  19. Object communication using notifications
  20. SQLite, and examples on usage
  21. Important features in iPhone development, and Apple HIG guidelines
Program Type : Classroom or Web Based
Program Duration : 60 Hours (spread over multiple 4 hour or 8 hour learning sessions)
Classroom Venue : Roverside Learning Facility in WhiteField, Bangalore, India
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Venue :
Unit 108, Regent Prime
48 WhiteField Road
Opp. Ganapati Temple
Next To Canadian MapleBear Pre-school Bangalore - 560066 INDIA
Roverside Landline: +91-80-28457411
Shilpa phone no.: +91-8904018001
Shubhada phone no.: +91-7411194562
Website :
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