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About Us :
The founder of Vidya fashion academy is the most passionate person, sharing the knowledge and education fashion to the young generation and providing strong care knowledge since two decades. We have given new dimensions for understanding fashion. The three factors that comfort fashion are Art; Apparel; Accessories which
are taught in the most revolutionary method of understanding every subject as Understanding, Planning/Designing, Execution and Implementation.

We provide the most innovative teaching aids like ½ scales, ¼ scale dress forms and many more to meet the latest requirement of fashion design industry at the same time promoting and globalizing over rich culture and traditions of our motherhood!
Why VFA?
Fashion is the word that is driving everyone’s life! It signifies change, new innovations, technology, globalization have no sign of slowing down. Karl Lagerfeld says “Fashion is like a train which waits for nobody, get on it or it’s gone.” Designers are at constant pressure to maintain the creative momentum. We find runway
fashion into high street with a blink of eyes, brands are diversifying into new products. In such a arena a well trained who can take up a variety of path such as stylists, designers are required.

Many universities and colleges give degrees to provide strong grounding in fashion education. VFA helps you to develop career in fashion and design and help you.

3 months Certificate Program:
  1. Fashion Accessories: this course is designed to understand the concept, industrial manufacturing processes of the fashion accessories, also making of jewellery, bags, belts, ties, scarves and many more.
  2. Fashion CAD: Simulation and creating fashion figures, textures and drapes of garment and also develop textile designs while using custom designed software.
  3. Pattern CADD: Drafting the pre size patterns for technical sketches, grading and marker, planning while calculating efficiency without repetitive experiments and without wasting man and materials.
  4. Textile fabric art: Basics of textiles, designs,
    development the science in the rear of fashion and envisage the future of fashion with technology.
  5. Apparel construction:Implementing your 2D thoughts into 3D wearable’s by adapting the techniques of pattern making and sewing technology.

  • Women’s ethnic wear.
  • Women’s western wear.
  • Kids wear.
6 months Certificate Program:
  1. Art and Apparel:
    • Textile art
    • Fashion designing
    • Market research
    • Pattern making
    • Sewing and finishing
    • Computers
    • Portfolio
  2. Apparel and Accessories:
    • Garment designing
    • Pattern making
    • Sewing and finishing
    • Accessory making
    • Styling
    • Computers
    • Portfolio
  3. Fashion Management:
    • Fashion merchandising
    • Fashion buying
    • Fashion marketing
    • Fashion retailing
1 year Diploma program:
Fashion designing and styling
Level 1 –Understanding
  • Market research
  • Design research
  • Textile sourcing
Level 2 – Planning/Designing
  • Design development
  • Themes
  • Plans
  • Line collection
Level 3 – Execution
  • Pattern making
  • Print development
  • Apparel construction
  • Accessory making
Level 4 – Implementation
  • Brand development
  • Photography
  • E-folio
  • Portfolio
  • Fashion show
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