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Vashkleen Laundry Services

Vashkleen Laundry Services

Vashkleen Laundry ServicesAbout the company

Vashkleen Laundry Services, headquartered in Bangalore, was incorporated in 2010 by Prakash K V and Ashoka S, to provide laundry services to institutions and households in an organized manner. Vashkleen Laundry adapts process flow, equipment and consumables that are fabric and eco friendly. The vision of the organization was to elevate the overall Indian laundry services quality and experience to a status, to match the global standards. The firm aims to organize the currently unorganized arena by addressing the challenges, filling the technical gaps and bringing in modernization. Vashkleen Laundry’s competency lies in scientific washing methods, with advanced technology with state-of-the-art laundry plant equipped with the best of the laundry machinery and linen friendly procedures ensuring longer life of every cloth processed.

Current market landscape

Laundry as a business has existed in India since ancient times. However, the hectic schedule of every member in today’s household and the availability of more disposable income have given the opportunity for professional laundry lines to come up. Communal wash was the business model until 2010. It is only after 2010, the concept of the western Laundromat started to emerge in India. Initially, the brave pioneers who set up the self-service Laundromats in India paved the pathway for other entrepreneurs indicating that the model may not sustain in India. The failure that they experienced in the self-service model created the awareness that the staff assisted service is the best way to go ahead but also taking cognizance that people prefer the individual wash model to than communal laundry. Today, India has many startups that do individual wash. Overall this business model is growing and making its success in its own way. Simultaneously, communal laundry systems are also serving a majority of population. Digitalized India is now stepping into every aspect of life and the laundry sector is no exception. Probably India is the only country having thousands of Laundry Apps.


Vashkleen Laundry is a successful company offering 360-degreebusinessquality services in economical rate with capex involved doing justice to the environment and standard which can’t be edited by any international agency.

Vashkleen Laundry offers various services including:

a) “Glofab” – Premium Retail Laundry and Dry Clean Care division focusing on Retail Segment, Providing Dry Cleaning and Laundry Care to Office Wear, Casual Wear, Party Wear, Home Wear, Home Linen, School Uniforms and Work Uniforms. Website –

b) “Mediklenz” –Laundry Services for Hospitals including hospital linen and uniforms as it require special laundry care

c) Vashkleen Laundry Services is offering Dry Cleaning and Laundry Care to Institutions and Hospitality sectors that Includes Hotels, Service Apartments, Airlines and Railways.

d) Ecomolt Complete Laundry Solutions Consultants offer business development services to industries such as aquaculture, retail, institutional laundry and hospitality.

Differentiating Factor

The factor that differentiates the firm from that of its counterpart is the water recycling method recycling 250 tons of water every day which is one of the biggest gifts to Bangalore city and its citizen. The Laundry service has gained popularity based on the client reference and word of mouth. The organization uses biodegradable chemicals and global standard machines facilities to cater best and quality services to the clients.

Vashkleen has so far been the only successful revenue driven business start-up in the laundry & dry cleaning business segment catering to healthcare, hospitality, airlines and households.


                                                                                                                                    Vashkleen Laundry Services

Technological Innovation

Vashkleen Laundry has imported dry-cleaning machines from Italy. The machines are of global standard with a set-up of an auto dosing system with no manual intervention as everything is digital. There is no deviation in the process as it’s a high tech system. High-end steam systems are used by means of high standard with lot of high-pressure steam of six to eight watt to clean the garments. It is considered as one the hygienic process with auto dosing system in addition to complete water recycling and filtration system. This all is the most advanced process which is rarely available in India.

Growth Factors

Vashkleen Laundry Services has established a unique, self-sustainable business model, catering to both institutional and household customers and has been steadily growing at an average of 30-35 percent year on year since inception. Geographically, Vashkleen has covered all the parts of Bangalore. The Laundry Service has around more than 20 vehicles moving around the city every day. Recently Vashkleen has started airlines Laundry Services business which is one of the significant achievements considering all the challenges in the city.

Future Plans

Vashkleen believes that sky is the limit. The firm being optimistic aspires to widen its wings at the national level. The organization has an immediate plan to spread across the metro and tier-1 cities in the years to come. 

Quick facts:

1.      Year of Inception – 2010

2.      Founding Members –Prakash K V and Ashoka S

4.      Office Location – Bangalore

5.      Total Headcount –230

6.      Website –