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Care4wearAbout the company

Established by Alok Maheshwari in the year 2012, Care4wear is a retail brand of Manju Cleaners the parent company established in the year 1961. Care4wear was established with the intention to step in the retail market as Manju Cleaners was catering to the B2B sectors which were the Laundries, the hotels and the decorators. Care4wear aimed at providing dry clean and laundry services of optimum class at the customer’s doorstep. The idea was to define a culture well adapted in the west but was at a snail’s pace in India. With international players and new brands being launched, Care4wears mission and motivation has further modeled into serving CARE of best quality of every WEAR.

Current market landscape

Hectic daily routines with stressful jobs have brought a big change in people’s lifestyle. People have adjusted their habits to keep pace with the fastness of everyday life. Automation has made daily domestic chores very easy, saving time for other important works. Such is the advancement of technology that a tap on your Smartphone can bring a cab at your door step or even spare you the hassles of washing your laundry.

The rise of laundry startups is a big leap forward for a country where dhobis have been banishing grime and stains for generations. The laundry industry is globally estimated at $9 billion and the laundry market is estimated to be valued at Rs 200,000 crore annually, out of which 95 per cent is an unorganized market. The online laundry service is a booming market and there will soon be lot of players in this segment. With the market witnessing entry of new players, the Industry has already crossed Rs 5,000 crore marks and is steadily moving upwards.


The organization offers various services including garment care, Bag and Shoe Care, Toy Care and Upholstery Care. Care4wear laundry was the first pioneer to provide pickup and delivery during those times. The firm does more of customizing services including folding of garments to providing a hanger which is in the form of a plastic bag packing which normal laundry hardly does. The fascinating factor which adds the cherry on top is that there is no bill number system the names of the customers are always mentioned on the tag. This encourages the customer a lot as it helps them to identify their clothes.

Differentiating factor

The laundry business is a male-dominated industry where there are hardly any women in the industry. There are male behind every counter. Care4wear laundries have ladies behind every counter. Every store has at least one lady who is behind the counter taking care of the daily routine and work. This is considered as one of the USP of Care4wear which differentiates it from that of its counterpart on the other hand helping women empowerment.

Technological Innovation

 Care4wear uses the all the latest technology machines which are used in the laundry business. The laundry service firm uses hydrocarbon as a chemical to dry clean the clothes. The firm also uses the old dhobi system as all the garments couldn’t be machine washed. The organization has three to four thousand square feet workshop where clothes are washed both in the modern and tradition way. 

 Work Culture

Cre4wear takes personal care of all the employees. The firm has a Routine check as to follow the need of the hour. The organization has come up with the new pickup and delivery app. Every garment that is picked up from the customer has to be registered in the app. The app displays how many garments have been picked up from the customer. On the contrary even the customer gets the message as to how many garments have been picked up and the bill is made according to that. The online payment data based system is also being implemented so the customer can send the link or can download the app. The staff is trained accordingly to inform the customer so that customers can take the best services out of care4wear.

Growth Factor

 Care4wear is growing geographically since its inception. The organization has a central workshop located in Goregaon for urgent delivery as it might be a two to three hour delivery or delivery on the same day. At present Care4wear have total six stores two in Andheri, three in Goregaon and one in Kandivali. The firm started with three people and now has grown around 60 with the pickup, delivery and store staff. 

 Future roadmap

 Care4wear wants to go digital entirely. The firm desires to increase its presence online. The organization also aims to increase its geographical presence in the coming future. The firm wants more visibility and growth both in the area including offline and online.