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SiliconIndia community members share their experiences and wisdom with 5 million members of our community. These are columns written by our members :
By Tanya Sharma, Tech Lead
Multithreading refers to two or more tasks executing concurrently within a single program. A thread is an independent path ... more>>
By Venkat G, Founder, Serve Aces Technologies
Since writing this article was made mandatory I had to bring myself to do what most people would like to postpone and that is t... more>>
By Krishna Sai, Managing Director, Polycom India R&D and VP (Technology and Architecture)
I believe it was Peter Drucker who said that Entrepreneurship is a practice. Similar I believe Leadership is a practice. Throug... more>>
By Soni Umakant, Founder & CEO, Vimagino Solutions
Intraprenuer is someone who innovates insides an organization and entrepreneurs are ones who end up creating their own organiza... more>>
By Vishal Awal, Executive Director - Services, Xerox South Asia
Quite a few large organizations in the world are on the verge of a significant growth journey in the midst of an internal trans... more>>
By Yogesh Bansal, Founder & CEO, ApnaCircle
Gen Y is the generation of “Smart & Efficient work” and I believe the smartness lies in networking. The profess... more>>
By Kiran S Katti, Director, Reach Automation Logistics
Leadership – It is a skill of a person who leads his/her team to a desired goal. As such there have been a quite a good n... more>>
By Anand Nair, Founder & CEO, Academy for Excellence in Management Education
This is an era where globally, an enormous financial disruption is being felt. It is very decisively becoming clearer that the ... more>>
By Jermina Menon, Head, Mall Marketing, Mantri Developers
I started my career in advertising-spent 14 long and happy years there. Then the marketing do-a-bit-more bug hit me and I decid... more>>
By Ajay Goel, MD- India & SAARC, Symantec
Economies in most parts of the world are reeling under recession whichhas crippled growth and triggered economic woes amongst b... more>>
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