Top 10 Online Shopping Apps For Smartphones

Bangalore: Online shopping has its strong roots in mobile, with umpteen number of apps for finding best deals, comparing prices and discounts on the go. If you own a Smartphone or tablet, you might not need a PC for crawling through your favorite accessories and gadgets. There are numerous, well polished shopping apps available now optimized for Smartphones and tablets running on Android and iOS.

Have a look at the top five shopping applications for Smartphones, which will help you to shop with just the click of button.

#10 Snapdeal

Recently, Snapdeal has earned a lot of fame with its ultra-cheap deals. Available in both Android and iOS, Snapdeal app comes with a web interface and is location aware; hence users do not need to manually enter location details to access. With the help of the application, users can track deals and offers from nearby areas and at the same time benefit from all-India deals as well. In order to pay for their purchases, users can directly pay within the application and if needed they can also go in for convenient payment options such as EMI and even cash on delivery.

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