Sony showcases flexible E-paper, FOLED panel E-reader

Tokyo: Sony has stepped ahead and showcased the next generation of e-reading technology by unveiling a 13.3 inch flexible e-paper. The electronic paper was demoed first time as part of a green technology expo here called the Eco-Products 2010 trade show. Sony denied to divulge any further details about the electronic paper but suggested its new technology could replace papers. However, it is known that the technology used is called E Ink. As per speculations by industry analysts, the resolution of the display is touted to be around 640 X 480. Sony's e-paper demo however is not reaching the market soon as there are no clear indications of its production.It should be noted that LG had earlier in the year promised of shipping its e-paper devices by end of 2010, of which there is no news yet. A new e-reader from Sony was also exhibited in the expo. The e-reader allows the user the page turn navigation effects, similar to turning the pages of a real book. The device touted to be the next gen e-reader uses flexible/foldable OLED panel and an urethane based chassis. Sony informed the reader is in its late prototype testing stage.