Samsung Galaxy S7: Rumor Round Up

BANGALORE: Much like iPhone, Samsung’s flagship device Galaxy S7 also brings out the suspense in many Smartphone enthusiasts. However, when compared with the Apple iPhone the South Korean firm maintains their own uniqueness in their version of features. Rumors suggest that the Galaxy S7 will be unveiled at MWC 2016 and here are the highlights of flagship device for this year, reports IE.

USB Type-C is said to be the future of connecting electronic devices and most of the flagship Smartphones sport this very port. Therefore, it is evident that the Galaxy S7 will feature a USB Type-C port.

Last year, when Huawei and Apple introduced their first pressure sensitive display most of the Smartphone users liked the functionality. Later much like a PC mouse, it was considered to be right click in the Smartphone world. When a rumor mill churns about a flagship device, for sure we expect all the best and eye catchy features on it, so it is speculated that the Galaxy S7 will sport AMOLED pressure sensitive touch display.

Furthermore, ‘Live Photos’ is another big thing that caught our eyes, where a 3 seconds video clip can be played while we hard press the display in an iPhone 6s. On the other hand, Samsung will introduce something similar to Live Photo but won’t record sound while capturing a Live Photo. However, Samsung had already showcased something unique when it comes to photo gallery with Galaxy S4.

Coming to hardware and design, once again Samsung was criticized for poor quality of hardware and it was answered when last year the company unveiled Galaxy S6 that was manufactured with metal and glass. The same trend will be carried to the Galaxy S7 according to multiple reports and this time they will bring back the microSD card slot for optional memory expansion.

Lastly the pricing, much like last flagship phones from Samsung, the Galaxy S7 will have a price tag over 50,000 and  does not sound over priced when  compared with other company’s flagship devices with similar features.
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