Price! A Concern for Windows 8 Tablet

Bangalore: With the official release of Microsoft’s new Windows 8 Developer Preview Edition (DPE), a perfect platform for touch screen devices and suitable for the tablets. Many tablets lovers are wondered what would be the price of Windows 8 tablets which has made a buzz in the tablet market from last few months. While there are no tablets launched yet with Windows 8 platform. Many computer manufacturers like Dell, HP, Acer, Sony Lenovo and Asus are working on new Windows 8 tablet but none of them have mentioned the price.

During the official release of Windows 8 DPE, Microsoft showcased the Samsung Windows 8 Tablet. Now Samsung is talking about the plans of launching Windows 8 tablet in the second half of 2012 and it will be the first to launch Windows 8 based tablets. Samsung has also announced the configuration of its new Windows 8 tablet. It has 11.6 inch touch screen with 1.366 x 768 screen resolution, Intel Core i5-2467M 1.6 GHz dual-core processor and 4 GB of RAM. For connectivity it has 3G, WiFi, Ethernet and micro HDMI connector. By seeing all the configuration tech experts has assumed the price would be around $900.

Apple and Android are leaders of the tablet market right now. Apple’s iPad starts its pricing at 29,000 ($299) for the cheapest model and Android tablets that comes with different manufacturer stats its basic model price at 10,000 ($99, starting price of tablet in U.S.). Another entry in the tablet world which made a tough competition with the Apple and Android tablets is the Amazon’s Kindle Fire which is for around 13.999 ($199).

There is a lot of talk in the tech world that Windows 8 tablet will be expensive and can be at a price range of $750 to $1500. But comparing the prices of other leading tablets in the market, Microsoft has to come down a lot on the price to compete with Apple and Android based tablets.