Pixel 8 Pro Powered by Google's AI Model Gemini Nano

Pixel 8 Pro Powered by Google's AI Model Gemini Nano
Google has unveiled Gemini, its latest AI model available in three sizes: Ultra, Pro, and Nano. The company emphasizes that the "Gemini Nano," designed for on-device tasks, is now integrated into the Pixel 8 Pro. The smartphone leverages the capabilities of Google Tensor G3, enhancing two key features: Summarize in Recorder and Smart Reply in Gboard.
The AI model will also offer several advantages by design, helping prevent sensitive data from leaving the phone, as well as offering the ability to use features without a network connection. "In addition to Gemini Nano now running on-device, the broader family of Gemini models will unlock new capabilities for the Assistant with Bard experience early next year on Pixel", Google said.
With Summarise in Recorder, users of the Pixel 8 Pro will get a summary of their recorded conversations, interviews, presentations and more even without a network connection. Moreover, the tech giant said that Gemini Nano will start to power Smart Reply in Gboard as a developer preview inside Pixel 8 Pro devices. "Available now to try with WhatsApp and coming to more apps next year, the on-device AI model saves you time by suggesting high-quality responses with conversational awareness", Google said.
With the utilization of Google Tensor G3 capabilities, users can now bid farewell to concerns about shaky or imperfect videos, as per the company's announcement. The Pixel 8 Pro introduces Video Boost, a feature that uploads user videos to the cloud. There, Google's computational photography models make adjustments to color, lighting, stabilization, and graininess. Additionally, the company highlighted enhancements to Portrait light in Google Photos, where a new AI model called Balance Light efficiently eliminates harsh shadows and enhances both new and old portrait photos.
Source: IANS