Older Generation To Buy More GenX Smartphones

Bangalore: Though Smartphones are largely viewed as the gadget of the young, senior citizens are becoming all the more important for the phablet manufactures. Consulting firm Deloitte predicts that in emerging markets, oldies buying more tablets will be the biggest trend.

“Older generations have been slower in adopting PCs and using Internet. However, once the over 55 group overcame their initial lack of confidence, they became enthusiastic users,” said Deloitte. By 2020 the age gap in the Smartphone users is expected to almost disappear, Business Standard reports.

Some Smartphone manufactures are offering an easy mode on their screen with fewer home screens. Font size can be zoomed in too. Apps with bigger icons and home screen dedicated to calling are the other features added to woo the golden oldies.

 It is predicted that the ownership of Smartphones will rise by a whopping 40-50 percent among those above the age of 55. However, the usage is currently dominated by youth who account for 70 percent of consumers. The focus will move from gaming to apps like ‘Skype’ that facilitate video calling. However, confusion regarding data plans can be a hurdle for seniors. This will reflect in the number of apps downloaded. In future, it is expected that the app development will be focused on health and wellness.