Lava - The Most Trusted Indian Smartphone Brand; Reveals Siliconindia

It is a well-known fact that every Indian mobile phone consumer is a value seeker. Affordability is a major consideration when selecting the brand of mobile phone to purchase. But, is he willing to compromise when it comes to product quality and after sales service for a lower price? If not, then which is the brand that comes out on top? To answer these questions and to assist the Indian consumers to make a wise decision on spending their hard-earned money on buying a phone, Siliconindia conducted a survey about the popularity and quality of services of the Indian smartphone brands.

The survey primarily focused on three leading Indian brands – Lava, Intex and Micromax. The primary reason for these brands to be our point-of-focus was that all three are the first preference for any typical value-seeking Indian mobile customer and they are all more or less in the same price margin. In order to get reliable & unbiased responses, Siliconindia concluded that only the service center personnel could provide valid responses and accurately reflect the reality in the marketplace based on their actual experience rather than perceptions created through informal communications. Also, nobody else would know the innards of a smartphone better than them, as they will have to open every device to repair & service them.

To ensure veracity and impartiality in the survey, Siliconindia selected 55 multi-brand service centers who serviced the three focused brands along with other smartphones.

The survey was aimed at two basic parameters – the quality of the product experience & the quality of the after sales service experience. In order to understand the importance of these two parameters and to know how the brands stack up on the two parameters, the questionnaire was kept simple and to-the-point. Siliconindia, disguised as a third party, made multiple calls to all the 55 respondents of the survey.

According to the findings of the survey, Lava stands tall among all other brands and emerged as the best Indian brand in terms of product quality & after-sales services with an overwhelming 90 percent of the respondents ranking it as the top brand in a product quality perspective, followed by Micromax in the second place with 2 percent. In terms of after-sales service (cost effective service solution, turnaround times and service policies), 90 percent of the respondents opted Lava as the best Indian brand.

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