Gadgets that Take Care of Your Health

Bangalore: High-tech fitness gadgetries are now shaking hands with our day to day life. These gadgets monitor our work outs, motivate us to exercise more and even entertain us. So if you have decided to have a gadget that takes care of your health and will be more worried than you than anyone else, then we have shortlisted few high-tech fitness devices that are worth invest your money, time and energy.

1. Timex Ironman Global Trainer

Timex Ironman Global Trainer is the company’s first true GPS sports watch that comes with seven large buttons and a 1.5-inch display with Indiglo backlight.

Gadget industry is witnessing lots of new GPS watches and other health analyzing gadgets in the past few years, and many of us believe that these devices are meant for serious runners, athletes and sportspersons only. But actually these new products can also become a great tool for those who are just health conscious and want to track down their work outs.

This Ironman is really a rough and tuff guy, it is very durable, it is waterproof and sweat-proof. The watch shows you speed, distance covered, pace, heart-rate in four different windows. The cost of this watch is approximately 13,000.