Aiwa introduces new range of smart TVs in India

Aiwa introduces new range of smart TVs in India
In a bid to woo Indian consumers, Japanese consumer electronics brand Aiwa on Wednesday launched a new range of TV series -- Magnifiq -- that comes powered by Android 11 and AI Core 4 Processor.
The range extends from the fully-loaded 32-inch series to 43-inch (FHD and UHD), 50-inch (4K UHD), 55-inch (4K UHD) and 65-inch (4K UHD), and is priced from Rs 29,990 to Rs 139,990.
"We are excited on the establishing of Aiwa India, as our Regional Headquarter, via which hope to assure Aiwa's permanency to the Indian consumers," Kure Shouichi ci, Managing Director of AIWA Electronics International Co. Ltd., said in a statement.
"At the launch of our world-class televisions, we are sure the consumer will feel confident to see Aiwa's legacy of excellence over the past 70 years coupled with the latest and most powerful Android 11 technology," Shouichi ci added, who is also the Global Business Director of AIWA Co. Ltd.
The 55-inch and 65-inch models of the range come with a built-in soundbar for enhanced audio that gives users the best-in-class experience.
The soundbar has been designed with Aiwa Authentic Signature Sound technology to give users the most optimal audio preference.
The high-performance Magnifiq range of premium televisions is powered by Android 11 with built-in Google Assistant.
With the certified Android TVs, the user's favorite content is always front and centre for quick and easy access.
Source: IANS