World's Best 7-inch Tablets

Bangalore: Apple’s mini iPad is in rumors without any affirmation whether this concept will become true or not. But if you are looking for a tablet which comes in a small form factor and is clocked with all the necessary functionalities these are the best ones to own for an affordable price.

Amazon Kindle Fire:

Price: 13,840 in eBay

Amazon Kindle might be the 7-inch tablet that has actually made Apple think of a mini iPad. This ultra-affordable tablet comes with a flawless access to Amazon’s digital world and gives the best web browsing experience, and better access to Android market notifying must-have apps. Even though this tablet doesn’t comes with high-end techs like camera, Bluetooth, microphone and GPS which are found other pricy devices, but it is the best one to have if you are a techno-wizard who likes simplicity and performance.