Turn Your Skin Into A Smartphone Display

Turn Your Skin Into A Smartphone Display

Tuesday, 30 December 2014, 11:09 Hrs
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New York: A wearable device that projects the image of a Android tablet on your skin will be a reality soon. Once worn on your wrist, a small light beam on the device, known as the Cicret Bracelet, would project your Android homepage right on your forearm.

Basically, your arm essentially becomes a fully interactive display - swipeable, touch-sensitive and full-colour - that allows you to make or receive phone calls and read and send emails, the Entrepreneur reported.

The promo video explains that the device uses an embedded system that includes a microprocessor, a memory card, a micro USB port, a small battery, a Bluetooth chip, a WiFi chip as well as a LED light.

The memory card comes in either 16GB or 32GB format and with 10 different colours. A beta version of the free app is available on Google Play.

The Cicret development team is currently seeking to raise $1 million to get its project off the ground.

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Source: IANS