TAGG Inferno 2.0 Bluetooth Earphones: Your Workout Entertainment Companion

As more and more companies join the bandwagon of getting rid of the 3.5 mm headphone jack on cellphones, the climate is gradually but palpably shifting from wired to wireless Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and everything that plays media. The newly mushroomed market is giving birth to steadfast companies like TAGG who are willing to go head to head with the established giants like Bose, JBL and others. A fresh iteration from its first generation Bluetooth earphones, TAGG’s Inferno 2.0 is one such headset which grabs attention of fitness aficionados with its stealthy black & red colors and ergonomic, light weight, ear fit design.

Built mostly with plastic, the earphones are far from feeling cheap as the used rubber & plastic feel premium and are built to last. With the three buttons smartly placed on the right side of the earphones, TAGG has made a stylist decision of making the TAGG logo double as a multi-function button. Performing tasks like switching on/off, pairing with devices and answering & ending calls, this button sits oddly in a place where the user usually adjusts the earphones to fit just right in the ear, and this could be counterintuitive until one gets used to workaround this. The other two buttons at the top perform simple tasks like increasing & decreasing the volume and switching between songs, and are fairly tactile to give enough feedback to the user to maneuver without taking out the phone from the pocket.

Once paired with a device, the Bluetooth connection is as seamless as counting 1 to 5 as that is how long it takes to be connected and you are up and running instantaneously. It is fairly evident that the ergonomic design and the water resistance rated at IPX 7, TAGG has targeted the fitness enthusiasts who wear the earphones to gym, running and other physical activities and the Inferno 2.0 performs immaculately in the said conditions. For a user who wants to use these pair for commuting, work, study and other activities, the ergonomic design becomes clunky as removing and putting them on can be cumbersome and leaving them hang around the neck feels unsecure.

Now let’s talk sound quality. If you are a heavy metal, rock or a hip-hop fan, you would definitely be happy with the sound quality of the Inferno 2.0 but the good news ends there as the vocals sound bold, low-end music is bass heavy, high-ends are slightly tinny and fiddle with the device equalizer would not fix these issues. The earphones leave the classical, slow music lovers longing for more and a little disappointed. Call quality on the Inferno 2.0 is impressive but the person on the other end of the call can clearly hear you only when you’re indoors or in a silent space. Charging these earphones from zero to a 100 percent takes around two hours and the 120 mAh battery lasts a minimum of eight hours of usage, which is impressive. The Bluetooth range one can wander astray from the connected device is around 15 feet before the connection starts to break.

The Verdict

The Inferno 2.0 from TAGG is designed and manufactured for the active consumers who are iron-willed on staying fit and on-the-go and at a selling price of 3,000 is on the expensive side for the overall value these earphones provide. An avid audiophile would be left longing for more but for everyone else, the Inferno 2.0 is still among the best pair of earphones as Bluetooth audio technology has a long way to catch up with that of wired audio technology.

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