Philips launches a wide range of LED and LCD monitors

New Delhi: Philips announced a market revitalization campaign for India with the launch of a wide range of new Philips LCD,LED monitors and monitor TVs. The company has introduced four LCD and five LED computer monitors in various screen sizes price ranging from 4,600 to 9,500. All Philips monitors introduced in India are packed with Philips proprietary image technologies and features many smart display technologies. Sales and marketing company Multimedia Displays (MMD)has entered into an agreement with Phillips to market their newly launched products. The specific features of one of the product is the ultra-slim Philips blade LED monitor that pushes the limits of modern LED display technology to achieve a remarkably thin profile with a 12.9mm chassis, amongst slimmest in the world. The glossy and the stylish finishing of the blade is apt for SmartTouch controls. Its small footprint saves precious space on your desk. "With the launch of these products in India, the next step in our endeavor is to position Philips as one of the leading brand in the PC display market," said Benjamin Wong, Managing Director of MMD Singapore. Another leading edge innovation from Philips called the "SmartImage" lets you select various image profiles such as office, image, entertainment and economy through a user-friendly interface. It dynamically optimizes the contrast, color saturation and image sharpness and videos for the best display performance. The next-generation icon-based GUI monitor control software is the SmartControl Premium. You can fine-tune a wide amount of parameters of the monitor including ECO mode and the display of fast-moving objects on the screen for action gaming and a smooth cinematic experience. Gautam Ghosh, Country Director of MMD India also said that these product offerings are carefully selected with the Indian customers in mind. They would like to give more options. As their products are gaining more market response, they shall introduce more products in the IT.