New Google Glass-Like Device To Minimize Eye Fatigue

New Google Glass-Like Device To Minimize Eye Fatigue

Thursday, 29 May 2014, 10:08 Hrs
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WASHINGTON: Scanning your smart phone to find the nearest restaurant or directing Google Glass to show you a detailed map of the street is all fine but augmented reality (AR) is not good for your eyes in the long run.

To address this, researchers have developed a Google Glass-like device that may lead to 3D augmented reality technology that minimises visual fatigue.

The new device, developed by researchers at University of Arizona in Tucson and University of Connecticut in Storrs, makes augmented reality technology easier on the eyes for short-distance applications by superimposing a 3D image, rather than the standard 2D image, onto the 3D view of the real world.

The superimposition of a 3D image onto a direct view of reality allows you to see the virtual image as if it were a real, 3D object in the physical space in front of you.

“Minimising visual discomfort involved in wearing AR displays remains an unresolved challenge. This work is making a significant step forward in addressing this important issue,” said first author Hong Hua from University of Arizona.
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Source: IANS