Features That Put Google Pixel Ahead of iPhone

Features That Put Google Pixel Ahead of iPhone

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 06 December 2016, 05:02 Hrs
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BENGALURU: Google launched its much anticipated flagship smartphone, Pixel XL in October 2016. Since its launch, Pixel has been compared with the likes of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7. Every company phones have unique features and functionalities, and one might say that Apple ecosystem is in a league of its own. However, the Pixel was totally worth the wait, as Google launched it with some advanced features like latest Android 7.1, best camera quality, longer battery life, etc. The Business Insider takes a look at some of the features where the iPhone is lacking from Pixel.

The comparison starts with the weight of both phones. Google Pixel XL with the weight of 168 grams is lighter in comparison to 192 grams of iPhone 6s Plus. Apple iPhone 7 with a weight of 188 grams is also heavier than Pixel. In terms of picture quality also Pixel is leading the race from iPhone. Google pixel has a 1440p screen that is richer in colours while comparing to 1080p screen of iPhone 7 Plus.

Google Pixel comes with a glass inlay which makes it more convenient to handle while iPhone is built with metal back edges. Therefore, iPhone doesn’t offer any grip and there is a possibility of slipping from hand. The fast charging capability of Pixel is better than iPhone 7 Plus. Google pixel is charged to 100 percent in two hours while iPhone 7 Plus reach to only 72 percent in the same tenure. Android’s Doze feature reduces the power consumption of the phone while there is no as such function in iOS.

Now coming to overall size, Pixel is smaller in size than the iPhone, but they share same screen size. Google Pixel XL has screen-to-bezel ratio of 71.2 percent, while iPhone has 67.7 percent only. Finally, Google Pixel is built with a Google Assistant that is a voice-activated assistant and more advanced than iPhone’s Siri. These features make Google Pixel a bit advanced than the iPhone.

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