Buckle Your Shoes with GPS Technology

Buckle Your Shoes with GPS Technology

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 31 January 2012, 08:51 Hrs
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Bangalore: Are you worried about your loved one who walk across and end up somewhere else and won’t remember how to get back home. Now stop worrying about that, the footwear company Aetex has come up with a pair of boots with GPS technology which can track your loved one wherever they go.

The shoe has a tracking device embedded in the base of the right sole with GPS technology provided by GTX or CDMA antenna to provide real time tracking, the shoe also has an USB port for charging the battery.

The GPS tracking sends signal frequently or with specific time intervals to the central monitoring station to determine the wearer’s exact location and transmit the information to a tracking website. The company offers a monthly plan of location record, for every 10 minutes it charges $30 a month and 30 minutes for $40 a month.

Consumers can create an account with Aetrex using Google Maps, to create a geo-zone. The shoe also messages via email of SMS to your mobile, informing the location of the wearer, if he/she has crossed geo-zone. The shoes also send SMS and email notification when the battery is low. The battery life of the shoes lasts only two days.

The company will launch this shoe in Canada for $299.99 and other countries soon. Aetrex and GTX are dealing with international SIM providers to make this technology available internationally.

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