9 Things to Avoid Buying in 2016

BANGALORE: As the day in the last month of the year descends by we’re all looking forward for the New Year. While the glow of everything new-from the New Year’s resolution to time bound goals-seem to lose its functionality by the second week itself, there are several things you must be cautious about.   

So before go on and splurge lavishly on better and upgraded goods, you might want to stay away from these gadgets, reports Marketwatch.


 While many nostalgic ‘Back to the Future’ enthusiasts may think this is god-sent, you might want to wait a little while longer until these Hoverboards gain a bit more stability in their quality. These personal transportation joy rides are sure to guarantee fun however they tend to compromise on their safety. That being said that the less expensive version that constitutes of lithium ion batteries are quite prone to overheating. Furthermore there have also been instances where these flying surf boards have exploded in a few homes.

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