8 Unbeatable Features of Upcoming Galaxy S4

#7 Plastic with aluminium sides

According to various reports, the S4 case will be made out of plastic which would be cheaper compared to iPhone or HTC’s latest phone, HTC Butterfly. The company has decided to make it plastic coated because it’s lighter, easier to make and comparatively cheaper in price.

#6 LCD screen, not AMOLED

Even though, Samsung is the leading OLED display maker, Sam Mobile, Samsung-focused blog reports that the company will be going with a LCD display for S4. Besides, it was also reported that the company was struggling to make full HD AMOLED displays.

#5 Eye-tracking or Head-tracking software

Samsung has designed some sort of eye-tracking or head tracking software which lets you scroll pages solely with your eyes. For instance, when you reach the bottom of the page, the software will automatically load up additionally content. The company has attempted to bring out a lot of gesture based software which finally resulted in mixed results.

#4 Runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Samsung has planned to rely on Android latest version OS, 4.2, Jelly Bean which came out in November 2012.

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