7 Unique & New Gizmos to Look Out for in 2016

BENGALURU: Everyone owns a smartphone; in fact, smartphones has become the way of our lifestyle. The technology we see, we utilize defines our way of living. But there are many other devices that can be more helpful in making our smart life a possibility, compiles The Economic Times.

Many of us don’t know gadgets other than smartphones, tablets and so on. Here are the devices you never heard of and are ready to hit Indian markets as soon as they are launched.


The Fleye is a four-rotor drone that looks like a football and hovers in the air without hurting itself. This device is an onboard Linux-based computer with a dual-core processor. It consists of 512 MB of RAM, two graphic processors, GPS, multiple sensors and a 5MP camera that is capable of capturing full HD videos at 30 frames per second. The Fleye can be controlled by its Android or iOS app.
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