7 Reasons Why LG G4 Scores Better Than Samsung Galaxy S6

BANGALORE:  Many Flagships are being announced in the market as if the tide has now turned back to the high-end range. With each flagship coming and making its appearance, the makers from other companies are striving hard to develop something new that will attract customers, reports phonearena.

Samsung seems to have taken the chase as it is now making its mobile model in terms of Apple does, but it is yet to be seen that has it carried it off or is it just another glitch on the Korean Major’s side.

Samsung is banking all its hopes on its Galaxy S6, but LG made a stellar show by bringing in G4 LG’s flagship. Which of them will gain the upper hand is yet to be seen, but here are some reasons that make it look LG have made it.

Better Screen To Body Size Ratio

Although the LG G4 has a bigger screen size of the three, it has a better screen to body ratio compared to Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The ratio for LG G4 being 75.97% where as Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge has 70.48% and 71.75% respectively.
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