6 Old Gadgets That Still Are A Good Buy

Bangalore: There are some devices that are still in demand irrespective of their age. They are known for their operating systems, processors, camera and the ever admirable external design. These devices have outstood their competitors just for that memorable experience. They still dominate the market in a few ways and would pose to be the epic ones of their time.
Here are some of them which are still a good bang for your buck, as compiled by TOI.

#6 Apple iPad 2

Launch price: 29,500
Current price: 22,500

Apple boasts of its iPad saying that when it was launched, there was ‘nothing quite like it’. Even though there are two versions, the iPad 2 is the slimmest device with an 8.8mm thickness and slightly smaller surface area.   As iPads are best known for video and gaming, users would definitely look at its performance and speed which are the main specs to be noted.
iPad 2 has a dual core 1GHz processor, which is known to double the speed and spice up graphics by nine times. Another commendable feature is the device’s 9.7 inch IPS LCD screen and also the 10 hour battery life.
iPad 2 also upgrades to the latest iOS 6 version and this phenomenal battery life give no disruption in running all new apps.

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