5 Most Beautiful Handcrafted PCs

Bangalore: Jeffrey Stephenson is a one-of-a-kind PC Modder. His passion to customize PCs has led him to hand-craft unique wooden designs for computers. On the exterior, the hobbyist gives of a perfect blend of retro look of an inspired design, while on the inside; he pioneers in placing latest personalized blend of PC motherboards with a focus to make technology, a sophisticated ornament of fashion.
Indulge yourself in Jeffrey’s unique PC creations.

#5 Aerodyne
Aerodyne is a fan less mini-ITX case design made from mahogany wood with aluminum accents. Inside this amazing wood work lies the code of a PC. The specifications include Intel Core i3-2105 CPU, Intel HD3000 Graphics, Crucial 256GB M4 SSD, 8GB Crucial DDR3 system memory, 150W mini-box.com Pico PSU and finally Microsoft Windows 8 OS.

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