5 Startups that are Changing the Meaning of Workouts

Mira Fitness

Mira Fitness creates fashion-forward smart bracelets that capture user’s daily activity and motivates them to take small health actions each day. The stylish, smart jewelry line not only captures a user’s activity, but also fits with the user’s personal style and helps them feel better too. The startup believes tech, fashion and function are not mutually exclusive, and that the data should tell a user’s personal story.


LEVL is a health and wellness device that measures a molecule called acetone in a user’s breath using an innovative nanosensor. The device measures the fat burning state with a quick breath and the press of a button. Users are required to just breathe into the breath pod and place the pod into the reading port. The device will display the LEVL score while seamlessly syncing to the app via Bluetooth. LEVL scores range from 1 to 6 with 4 and higher indicating an elevated fat burning state. The countertop device supports two users.

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