5 Rules to Choose the Best E-Reader

Bangalore: Market has some worthy varieties of e-book readers with different features and in different price range. You can choose from the affordable e-ink readers, mid-priced color tablets like the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, and there is the costly iPad and galaxy tab, but to pick-up the best ones for your needs can be a daunting task. We have just compared some worthy choices available for you to trim down your dilemma.

1. Just to Read, or Want Something More?

If the sole purpose of you buying an e-book reader is ‘just reading’, then affordable e-ink readers like  Amazon Kindle (no touchscreen) for 6500, Amazon Kindle Touch (with touch-screen) for 12200 and Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch for 7999 are the best once for you.

But is you want to have some extra functionality for your investment then you have to step-up to a color screen tablet. Full screen high-end tablets like iPad, Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 and the new iPad are very much versatile than e-ink readers, but for their high-end features you have shed around 30000 to 40000.

Manufactures have found a gap in this market and there comes the mid-ranged Amazon Kindle Fire for 14599, Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet for 15699 which are considered to be the best e-book readers.