15 Most Amazing Gadgets Of Past 20 Years

Bangalore: Tech world is evolving fast. Phones have gotten Smart, PCs transformed into tablets, headphones act dual as a music device and a fashion accessory, gaming consoles and TVs are morphed into multimedia machines. If the present gadgets amaze us, nevertheless their ancestors will too, just for the reason that they were first, and laid foundation to things what we now have. Let’s go down the memory lane and have a look at these 15 most amazing gadgets of past 20 years, as compiled by Complex Tech.

#15 USB Flash Drive

Year: 2000

When the USB was first introduced in the mid-90s, it was foreseen as the wave of the future. It proved to be much bigger.

Trek Technology and IBM began selling the first USB flash drives commercially in 2000. Trek Technology sold a model under the brand name "ThumbDrive", and IBM marketed the first such drives in North America with its product named the "DiskOnKey."

It is the reason behind turning floppy discs into artifacts and sending the format directly to the tech hall of fame.

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