10 Weird but Innovative Gadgets to Come out in 2016

BENGALURU: When it comes to innovations, it’s not essential that the ideas precipitated in the minds of Scientists, Engineers and Designers must meet up with expectations of end user and this leads to birth of weird gadget. 2016 is going to witness few innovations that are coming into reality and may have profound impact on our lives. Here goes the complete list of 10 weird gadgets as compiled by Gizbot.

1. Sensorwake Alarm

Ever imagined an alarm clock that could release various pleasant scents? Yes, you heard it right. Parisian startup has made an alarm clock that releases scents like of food, chocolate or even coffee to wake up a person or help them to further their deep sleep. The alarm clock is available at $109.

2. E-Hang 184 Drone

The world’s first electric, personal Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) - E-Hang has eight blades placed on the four sides of the pod. The drone is able to take a flight for 23 minutes or 10 miles on a single charge. Though it costs $300,000, many countries have banneddrone flying.

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