10 Display Types That Light Up Smartphone Screens

Bangalore: A few years back, mobile phones only needed to show us the number of the person calling. But today, with all the advancements that have taken place in the Smartphone industry, we all find ourselves asking for more. We want the text to be crisp, the images to be sharp and vibrant, the videos to be blur-free and it should also not be too harsh on the battery. The tech giants have heard us, and they have started equipping their high-end devices with very capable displays but all of them use a naming scheme of their own so as to differentiate their technology from their competitions’. This can throw the laymen off as not a lot can be learnt about the technology used in them from their names alone. So, to make things easier and to help you in choosing a display that is best suited to you, here are the 10 commonly used display technologies below as compiled by The Times of India.

#10 LCD

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a commonly used flat panel display. LCD panels do not produce their own light and hence are required to be backlit. LCDs render good color but their contract ratio isn’t as good as that of AMOLED displays, so in bright sunlight the colors appear washed out. The quality of LCDs varies depending on the manufacturing process used; most of the displays on cheap phones offer dull colors and very narrow viewing angles.

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