10 Biggest Selling Electronic Devices In The World

#5 PlayStation

Industry: 330 million
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Units sold: 330 million

Series of video game consoles created and developed by Sony in 1994. PlayStation, the first console in the series was the first video console to be shipped 100 million units after its initial launch. Subsequently, PlayStation 2 reached 150 million units and was termed to be “the best –selling home console” and the latest PlayStation 3 was released in 2006.

#4 iPod

Industry: Music
Headquarters: Cupertino, California
Units sold: 350 million

iPods are a line of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple which created a revolution in listening  music. The first line was released in 2001, and it’s most recent designs in 2012. It has several variants like iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod Nano and iPod shuffle. It also serves as a data storage device.

#3 Symbian Phones

Industry: Mobile phones
Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland
Units sold: 500 million

Symbian is a mobile operating system designed for Smartphones, which was developed by Symbian Limited and maintained by Accenture. The company’s sales boosted because of Nokia used this OS for their phones. The Finnish firm has been the largest mobile vendors since 1998 which made it a profitable business for Symbian.