10 Best Windows 8 Tablets

Bangalore: The Windows 8 market is rapidly flourishing with Smartphones. But tablets that outperform its Android rivals are still few. However, if you are a hardcore Windows 8 devotee, it wouldn’t be harder for you to find a tablet with head turning specs.

To make your choice easy, here are 10 outstanding Windows 8 tablets.

#10 Acer Iconia Tab W700

The Acer Iconia Tab W500 tab is a hybrid tablet PC which has a stunning design. It has a good display with a responsive capacitive touchscreen and a decent graphics chip performance. The capacitive touchscreen is used in the tablet for effortless inputting via touch and gestures. The multi-touchscreen identifies up to ten fingers at a time. Acer includes a handy tool that takes advantage of this, namely Acer Ring.

The tablet measuring a screen size of 11.6 inches and runs on Genuine Windows 8 powered by 1.70GHz AMD C-50 processor and 4GB RAM. It is packed with a solid state capacity of 128GB. There is also a 5 MP camera on the back. Small, submerged LEDs that light up in green are beside both cameras.

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