10 Best Android Smartphones Running Stock Android

Bangalore: Not every Smartphones are manufactured similarly. However, in Android ecosystem, the best models have a common feature- A stock Android operating system directly from Google. Even though every manufacturer puts a custom User Interface over the OS, the ‘out of the box’ always enjoy the privilege of a clutter free, pure experience.

Read on to know the list of the best Android Smartphones running stock Android, from models ranging from big brands as well as not so popular ones.

#10 Nexus 4

Google Nexus 4, manufactured by LG is the most renowned one in the list with an elegant design and an excellent screen. Running on stock Android 4.2, the software is devoid of any unwanted apps that messes up the OS. It stands with its stunning smooth performance and moreover, being one of the products from search giant, Google.

Nexus 4 brings best features in terms of processor, a quad-core one which clocks at 1.5 GHz, and uncluttered software apart from camera features. It is a highly recommended handset for those wanting to join high-end handset revolution by paying a little less 25, 990, compared to other devices.