10 Things That Gadgets Can Do With Voice Commands

BANGALORE: Nowadays with the help of voice commands a lot can be done with the gadgets, without pressing a single button. It also adds an extra ease for the users to deal with their Smartphones. Find out below listed voice commands that virtually make your tasks easier and faster, as compiled by Economic Times.

Dictate SMS/E-mails: Instead of typing long messages using your phone keypad, you can dictate SMS or E-mails with the help of voice command feature on your Smartphone. Depending on the Smartphone you use, you can dictate SMS, emails, BBM and others followed by the contact name. To start with dictation command, bring up the keyboard on any app and hit the microphone icon on the left side of the space bar. Just start speaking to it andit will automatically add the words you speak.  Remember that it will not insert any punctuation marks in your message; you have to speak the punctuation you want to insert. Similarly there is no voice command to delete particular words, you need to either hit on delete button or go back and correct the message afterwards. Keep in mind that speaking loudly and clearly is very much significant. Dictation command can work better only in a quite ambiance instead of noisy surroundings.

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