10 New Open Source Projects you Should Know

10 New Open Source Projects you Should Know

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 23 January 2012, 09:31 Hrs   |    2 Comments
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Bangalore: Open source projects created a whole new world of software, both for customers and companies. Firefox, Linux, LibreOffice, and the partially open Android platform dominate this space. However, there are also numerous lesser-known open source projects that are equally noticeable. Its free nature coupled with flexibility, security, freedom and customizability where the key advantages for business small and big. Lots of Open Source project are on the way now, so keep a tab on what’s going to be the best in this domain.

Black Duck Software, an Open source-focused provider recently announced a list of top Open Source Rookies of the year which revealed some of the promising Open Source projects to look forward. And the list goes like this:

1. Bootstrap:

Bootstrap is an online toolkit from twitter for developers to build new apps and even clean up some of the existing codes. This open source set of files includes base CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, girds, navigation and more.




2. BrowserID:

BrowwerID is a Mozilla developed secure, decentralized, open source, cross-browser way to sign onto websites. BrowerID provides an easy and safe way for both users and developers. This open source file is designed to go well with future browsers and also respects user privacy.

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Reader's comments(2)
1: check www.seopanel.in, its an indian open source software
Posted by:Rahul r - 03 Jan, 2014
2: Open Source has really redefined the way software used to exist and its growth looks promising.
Posted by:Pearl - 23 Jan, 2012

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